Today December 7th, we're celebrating three wonderful years of marriage full of love, happiness and amazing experiences. Nine years dating and three years married has truly made us one and taught us that we can accomplish anything together. On this special day for us we want to share our deeper feelings with you!

Our business is also our family. Omar & Teresa is a brand we created based on our personalities, our lives and most importantly our love. Omar & Teresa is us and it represents our feelings and emotions. It's evolution reflects our growth and the maturity that comes with the gift of twelve years together. There are many things that people can copy and we use that as motivation to constantly reinvent ourselves. Something that nobody can copy though, is a brand based on the connection between two people and their dreams… because true love can't be copied.

A few days ago we told you about our excitement for the coming changes and those that have been happening over the last year. We plan to begin 2017 with a new slogan: To Fulfill Our Dreams. Our lives and emotions have united in an inexplicable way and this lifestyle we chose makes us happy. This “revelation” makes us realize that we don't live and breathe work, we live and breathe our love and passion and that is how we spend each day. Today more than ever, we want to leave our souls with YOU.

The year is not over yet and we still have a very special wedding coming. However, we want to start thanking all the beautiful couples from 2016 that brought us to magical places and gave us experiences that helped us grow, from 2017 that put their trust in us and to all the couples we will meet in 2018. Thank you all for making us feel blessed.

We made this photo shoot as part of these new changes. We wanted you to see the real Omar & Teresa, the people behind the camera putting their all heart into their passion. We want you to know us just as we are with the immense love that we have. Thanks to Morfi Jiménez for telling our story through these photos.
🎄 We'd also like to wish you and your families happy holidays and a blessed new year!

Omar and Teresa